Friday, May 13, 2016

Phylogenetic Tree of Haplogroup J2

Two main subclades divide haplogroup J2: J2a (M410, L152, L212/PF4988, L559/PF4986) and J2b (M12, M102, M221, M314).
  • J2a1-M47 is found at low frequency (1-5%) in Anatolia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq and Gulf states.
  • J2a1-M67 is the most common subclade in the Caucasus (Vainakhs, Ingushs, Chechens, Georgians, Ossetians, Balkars) and in the Levant (Lebanese, Jews). It is also common in western India, the Arabian Peninsula, Anatolia (esp. north-west), Greece (esp. Crete), Italy (esp. Marche and Abruzzo) and Iberia. M67 was probably a major Neolithic lineage expanding from the Fertile Crescent to Greece to the west and the Indus valley to the east.
  • J2a1-M68 a minor subclade found in Iraq and India.
  • J2a1-M319 has been found chiefly in Greece (esp. in Crete) and Italy, and at low frequencies around Western Europe (perhaps diffused by the Romans).
  • J2a1-M339 is a very minor Anatolian subclade.
  • J2a1-M419 is a minor subclade detected in northern Iran.
  • J2a1-P81 is a very minor Anatolian subclade.
  • J2a1-L24 is the most widespread subclade of J2a, with a distribution ranging from the Middle East to Europe, North Africa and South Asia.
    • J2a1-M158 has been found in Anatolia, Iberia, Pakistan and India.
    • J2a1-L84 is a minor subclade detected in the Balkans.
    • J2a1-L25 is the main branch of L24 and is subdivided in many subclades.
      • J2a1-F3133 is found in Anatolia, Syria, Iran, Central Asia and Saudi Arabia.
        • J2a1-F761 is the Western European subclade of F3133, found in Italy, France, the Benelux and England.
        • J2a1-L192.2 is found in Anatolia, Iran and Kerala (India). It has also been found in Tunisia (M'saken).
      • J2a1-PF4888 is found in the Middle East and among Ashkenazi Jews (F659 subclade: Katz and Cohen).
      • J2a1-Z387 and its main subclade L70 (DYS445≤7) are found throughout continental Europe as well as in the Middle East at lower frequency.
  • J2a1-PF5169 is a rare subclade that has been found in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, southern Germany and England.
  • J2a2-PF7381 is found at low frequency in southern and Eastern Europe and in the Caucasus.
  • J2b1-M205 is found mostly in the southern Balkans and Anatolia.
  • J2b2-M241 is found mostly in south-east, central and Eastern Europe and in India.

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